Game-based corporate training, team building, game design workshops, live events, and game masters-for-hire.

Our Programs

Our adaptive methodology tailors each training and consulting experience to your unique culture and goals. Our team of educators, scholars, facilitators, trainers, game designers, technicians, programers, artists, and game masters collaborate to deliver innovative solutions through a modular assembly of learning tools and engagement strategies.

We also develop cost-effective, interactive training tools and apps to help organizations economize on human capital. Our training tools automate learning with a blend of games, videos, simulations, and digital interactivity that virtually engage users in deep learning experiences.

Consulting & Advising

Our experienced team of experts is available for short-term or long-term consultation. Leverage our creativity and expertise to contribute to your organization’s journey by growing institutional knowledge, designing mission-aligned solutions, and optimizing implementation.

Some of our clients:

  • iThrive Game Foundation
  • CyArk
  • Indelible Learning
  • Storygame Studio
  • US Department of Education
  • Gametrain Learning
  • Speax
  • Project 21

Training for innovation and agility

To remain relevant and competitive, organizations benefit from a culture of ongoing reinvention and innovation. Genuine cultural shifts are achieved by system changes which, in turn, transform mindsets. 21st century-aligned game systems and game design resources offer dynamic frameworks that can be leveraged to positively transform organizational structures. In addition to gamification, our interactive training programs, workshops, and team-building exercises draw from a vast playbook that includes simulations, role-play, iterative design, resource management, storytelling, game mechanics, and competitive & collaborative activities.

We offer online, onsite, and digital solutions to support:


Ethics and compliance training

Rapid, iterative prototyping

Culture shifting

Training in game-based learning and gamification

Customized live and online gameplay events

Technical expertise

Gamified training programs

App and digital artifact production

Serious games and training simulations in AR or VR

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