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Digital games are potent learning tools that tell compelling stories, offer new perspectives, cultivate empathy, simulate processes and environments, explore consequences, and help us reimagine the world, and rehearse processes and procedures. We learn best by doing, and digital games offer safe spaces to learn through trial and error while users level-up at their own pace with immediate feedback. We design our games with the basic principle that engagement is the first step to learning.

Sebz (in production)

Sebz (“Green” in Dari) is a mobile game developed to support reforestation in Afghanistan. It was developed in collaboration with GIZ as part of a development initiative in Afghanistan. Sebz realistically simulates elements of rural Afgani economic and agricultural systems, including climate events. Scientific accuracy and cultural sensitivity was ensured through close collaborations with subject matter experts and partners in Afghanistan. Once completed, Sebz will support local NGOs in disseminating tree planting initiatives to build climate resistance and support sustainable economies. Sebz is set to be released in the spring of 2023 and will be available in Dari and English.

Protection (in production)

Protection is a card game simulation developed to teach and rehearse the key principles of Results Based Protection (RBP), a methodology designed to protect vulnerable people in conflict zones. The game was commissioned by InterAction, the largest U.S.-based alliance of international NGOs, and designed in collaboration with RBP experts. Protection will be used in diverse settings and will be implemented globally. It will be released internationally in the spring of 2023.

The Glitch (in production)

The Glitch is our latest and most sophisticated archival game, designed to build community and support a major fundraising campaign. The humorous and immersive narrative game activates institutional archives using video, 3D escape rooms, casual games, social media and an interactive gallery. Our client intends to surprise their community with this unique experience, so we will share more after its upcoming release.


An SEL game to prevent violence that helps kids identify strategies to handle physical, sexual and psychological abuse. Play as Chuka, confront creatures, and collect them all to win. Developed for Education for Justice E4J, United Nations (UNODC). This tool has been used by 166K players and you can find guielines.


Balance your own gut and learn the importance of having a healthy microbiota. Balance your bacillus, coconut, spirochete, and pathogen bacteria, but please do not use antibiotics unless absoluteley necessary.

Inspector Pok

It is 1940, and the world economy is precarious. A lost hotel invites people from all over the world to participate in the auction of the only ticket to Wala Wala, a paradise island where they can start a new life. Someone stole the ticket and you must now use deductive reasioning to disover the culprit.


Listen carefully and repeat the melody while identifying high and low pitch. Enjoy the music.

Turtle Island

Land ahoy! Sail on the high seas by using basic coding instructions to find the geometric islands. Then, calculate the island's area and perimeter to find the treasures.


Understand the nutritional functions of the three main food groups: carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids and their utilization in the human body. Break down the macromolecules, send them through the bloodstream and provide enough energy to the cells to keep running.

Spicy Zombies

In this casual game, blast zombies with your arsenal of chillies befor they chomp your brain.


Heat, freeze, and play with your molecules to solve the puzzles. Learn Our Team the states of matter and thermal conduction with Moles.

Catch Me

Develop your ability to search and prioritze information in Wikipedia. Learn geography and discover fun facts to catch the hidden creatures in the world.

Red Eye

In collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC), we created this interactive experience to familiarize young audiences with their art collection, where players discover their emotions and observational skills.

Run Cheto

Spatial orientation and observation is what you need to run as fast as you can, evade enemies, and reach the target location in the laberynth.


Based on a Quechuan tale where a young farmer falls in love with a star. In Chakana, players practice reading compehension and conjugation by collecting words to create a mythical and fascinating story.

Street K

In this SEL game, you face everyday decisions and live out their consequences to learn Our Team resepctful choices for yourself and others around you.


Make Tita and Cosme dance by following the rhythm.

Popol Buuu

Before the arrival of humans, animals, and nature, the gods were lonely and bored. In this playful first person shooter inspired by an indiginous Maya-Quiche manuscript, young players improve their reading comprehension by helping the god Gucumatz create and destroy the world.


Help improve the environment with simple routines.

Tirin Tirin

Preschoolers can discover the magic of sounds around them, create their own, and connect them to music.

Pim Poom

Preschoolers can play with sounds from objects and create an audio collage where pitch, volume, and length are part of their modelling clay.


You are a cockroach, and when the human owners leave the house you organize a huge party. Prepare everything you need by exploring, collecting items, and using your math skills to keep moving forward.


In this endless game, you play a troglodyte who must overcome obstacles by moving objects by calculating weight as quickly as possible.

The Secret Candy

We collaborated on this game with bestselling writer Juan Villoro. Based on his story Las Golosinas Secretas, young players underake a series of narrative-inspired mini-games to level-up their reading comprehension.

Ramon Tree

Our team created this game about the sacred and biodiverse Ramon Tree in collaboration with the Papalote Children's Museum. Discover the secrets of this amazing rainforest.

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